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Flame Toys Furai Model G1 Optimus Prime

TF-Allgemein Hier sind die offiziellen Bilder vom Flame Toys Furai Model G1 Optimus Prime.

A very popular version of Optimus Pirme is presented in Furai Model finally !!!!

Retail : US$40/pcs
Sale : ~April, 2020
Size : ~16cm height

– 12th series of [FURAI MODEL] Optimus Prime (G1 version) comes finally! Size from bottom to top head is ~160mm!!!
– This is a modernized and shape optimized G1 Optimus Prime.
– Good articulation with over 40 movable joints, you are able to set any pose easily.
– Model kit is made of hard plastic ABS & PS, it will be good for professional model kit users to make his own coloring G1 Optimus.
– Joints are made of soft plastic so it will have a stable movable performance.
– With different injection color of runner parts and simple assembly design, it will also be suitable for model kit beginners.


Alle Bilder sind unter Mehr.

Quelle: Flame Toys

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Flame Toys Furai Model G1 Optimus Prime

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