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Neue Angebote von Gerrut Camaro

New arrivals! Those retro BW packages are amazing


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IDW Comic Transformers King Grimlock #1

Hier ist die kleine Vorschau zum IDW Comic Transformers King Grimlock #1. Der Autor Steve Orlando sagt dazu: “It was a big swing, but Hasbro and IDW were looking for big swings and it all came to pass. It’s been a blast. I just finished the fifth and final issue. It’s a giant fantasy blockbuster starring the perfect Transformers for that. He’s spent decades of human time telling people he’s a king and now we’re sending him to a fantasy world to really prove that.”

Zum Inhalt des ersten Heftes: KING GRIMLOCK BEGINS! Grimlock, the beloved powerhouse T-rex with an attitude and one of the strongest Cybertronians in existence, finds himself magically transported to a world of fantastical beasts and strange powers! In this savage world, where the strong rule with sword and iron, Grimlock finds a new opportunity to prove he’s the strongest there is… but as Grimlock and the human barbarian, Arko, will learn, sometimes brute strength isn’t enough.

TF-KG-1-3-001 TF-KG-1-3-002 TF-KG-1-3-003 TF-KG-1-3-004 TF-KG-1-3-005 TF-KG-1-3-006


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Neue Angebote von TF Robots

In stock now @tf_robots
Hasbro Transformers Transmutate & Studio Series Leader Slug

219937980-4158628280851580-620356759485948235-n 220252828-4158628287518246-4135557480654383298-n

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Transformers Rescue Bots Optimus Prime Jumbo Jet Wing Racer

Jetzt können wir euch die Bilder vom Transformers Rescue Bots Optimus Prime Jumbo Jet Wing Racer zeigen.

Rexcue-Bots-Optimus-Prime-Jumbo-Jet-Wing-Racer-1 Rexcue-Bots-Optimus-Prime-Jumbo-Jet-Wing-Racer-2 Rexcue-Bots-Optimus-Prime-Jumbo-Jet-Wing-Racer-3 Rexcue-Bots-Optimus-Prime-Jumbo-Jet-Wing-Racer-4 Rexcue-Bots-Optimus-Prime-Jumbo-Jet-Wing-Racer-5 Rexcue-Bots-Optimus-Prime-Jumbo-Jet-Wing-Racer-6 Rexcue-Bots-Optimus-Prime-Jumbo-Jet-Wing-Racer-7 Rexcue-Bots-Optimus-Prime-Jumbo-Jet-Wing-Racer-8 Rexcue-Bots-Optimus-Prime-Jumbo-Jet-Wing-Racer-8a Rexcue-Bots-Optimus-Prime-Jumbo-Jet-Wing-Racer-9

Quelle: tfw2005.com

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Neue Angebote von TF Robots

In stock @ www.tf-robots.nl
Transformers BB Worlds Collide set of 4
In stock @tf_robots
Beast Wars Vintage Megatron & WFC Kingdom Mirage & Grimlock

216927414-4155346147846460-6863216804565438724-n 218088681-4155346151179793-4809011443703121223-n 218165686-4155348744512867-3281073871992892199-n

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Neue Angebote von Gerrut Camaro

New arrivals!
Shattered Glass Blurr pre sold out..


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Neue Angebote von TF Robots

New Transformers Studio Series @www.tf-robots.com
Pre order here: https://bit.ly/3ikqeLT

SS-003 SS-005 SS-007 SS-009

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Transformers Studio Series Grindor, Bumblebee, Jolt und Thrust

Jetzt wurde die 3. Welle von den Transformers Studio Series angekündigt. In dieser sind Leader Grindor mit Ravage, Deluxe Bumblebee, Deluxe Jolt und Voyager Thrust.

SS-001 SS-002 SS-003 SS-004 SS-005 SS-006 SS-007 SS-008 SS-009

Quelle: Hasbro

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IDW Comic My Little Pony vs Transformers, II: The Magic of Cybertron #4

Hier ist die große Vorschau zum IDW Comic My Little Pony vs Transformers, II: The Magic of Cybertron #4.

Spike and Grimlock return! When the Dinobots are attacked by Sombra’s minions, can Grimlock’s little purple buddy save everycreature? And don’t miss the epic conclusion to the hit crossover series! Is friendship really magic? Can Transformers and ponies really work together? And how in the world are they going to stop Sombra?!

TF-MLP-II-4-5-001 TF-MLP-II-4-5-002 TF-MLP-II-4-5-003 TF-MLP-II-4-5-004 TF-MLP-II-4-5-005 TF-MLP-II-4-5-006 TF-MLP-II-4-5-007 TF-MLP-II-4-5-008 TF-MLP-II-4-5-009

Quelle: iTunes Preview

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Transformers Rise of the Beasts

Hier haben wir ein Video vom Set von Transformers Rise of the Beasts. Zusehen sind hier Optimus Prime und Bumblebee.

Quelle: Transformers Cars

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