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Generation Toys GT-11 Red Bull (Beast Sideswipe)

Jetzt können wir euch die Bilder vom Generation Toys GT-11 Red Bull zeigen. Er ist eine Hommage an den G1 Beast Sideswipe. In dieser reihe ist das die zweite Figur und es soll auch noch eine dritte kommen, nämlich der GT-12 Rodimus (Tiger). Diese Bilder sind noch Prototyp Bilder, also es kann sich noch etwas ändern.


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Neue Angebote bei Kapow Toys

We've had a small Transformers Masterpiece restock today, MP44, Mp Magnus and Blackarachnia all now available again, find them below! 

1) MP-44 Optimus Prime - https://www.kapowtoys.co.uk/…/transformers-masterpiece-mp-4…

2) MP-22 Ultra Magnus -https://www.kapowtoys.co.uk/…/deposit-transformers-masterpi…

82282767-2876218279065016-7868076767091621888-n 82978432-2876216779065166-738427357764780032-n 82989389-2876214959065348-383489465127010304-n

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Neue Angebote bei TF Robots

In stock now @ www.tf-robots.com
Civil Warrior CW-01 General Grant

In stock now @ www.tf-robots.com
MS Toys MS-B29 Video Team

In stock now @ www.tf-robots.com
Transformers SS-53 Mixmaster & SS-54 Megatron

83247040-2696881723692917-6367469495140745216-o 83285055-2696611367053286-8558531148341313536-o 83466109-2696995453681544-9038258022979207168-o

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Offizielle Chinesische Neujahrs Transformers Sammler Münze

Im chinesischen wird in diesem Jahr das Jahr der Ratte gefeiert. Dazu gibt es jetzt eine offizielle Transformers Sammler Münze. Auf der einen Seite steht “More than meets the eye” geschriben und auf der anderen Seite ist eine Cybertronische Ratte und zwei kleiner Ratten zu sehen.

Transformers-Year-Of-The-Rat-Commemorative-Coin Transformers-Year-Of-The-Rat-Commemorative-Coin-01 Transformers-Year-Of-The-Rat-Commemorative-Coin-02 Transformers-Year-Of-The-Rat-Commemorative-Coin-03 Transformers-Year-Of-The-Rat-Commemorative-Coin-04 Transformers-Year-Of-The-Rat-Commemorative-Coin-05

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Flame Toys Furai Model Devastator

Jetzt können wir euch neue Bilder vom Flame Toys Furai Model Devastator zeigen.

Furai-Model-Devastator-1 Furai-Model-Devastator-10 Furai-Model-Devastator-2 Furai-Model-Devastator-3 Furai-Model-Devastator-4 Furai-Model-Devastator-5 Furai-Model-Devastator-6 Furai-Model-Devastator-7 Furai-Model-Devastator-8 Furai-Model-Devastator-9

Quelle: Notrab

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Neue Angebote bei Kapow Toys

NEW ARRIVALS NOW INSTOCK! a mixed bag of Boba Fett and Ectotron returns!

1) SDCC Boba Fett - these have been collected from Asia so a mixed bag of cards, if it's not suitable for you please be kind in the comments and move on, trolling is just not cricket - https://www.kapowtoys.co.uk/…/star-wars-40th-anniversary-sd…

2) Ectotron - https://www.kapowtoys.co.uk/…/transformers-ghostbusters-cro…


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Neue Angebote bei TF Robots

In stock now @ www.tf-robots.com
Yesmodel YM-17 Vulcan


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TFSource News! FT Roadking, Siege Astrotrain, Furai Drift, MMC Tyrantron & More!

TFSource News! FT Roadking, Siege Astrotrain, Furai Drift, MMC Tyrantron, Jaguar, Ultio and More!


ARRIVING SOON!Iron Factory – IF-EX34 Alkaid – Spirits of the D.E.C.
ARRIVING SOON!Transformers War for Cybertron Siege: Leader Astrotrain
Transformers Furai Model 10 Drift – Model Kit
MMC – R-28 Tyrantron, R-40 Jaguar, R-41 Ultio, RDMX-01 Plus Jaguar Cage
Toy Notch – Astrobots – A02 Argus
Fans Toys FT-31A Roadking
X-Transbots MX-12A Gravestone
Make Toys Re: Master MTRM-15 Endgame w/ Free Gift
Iron Factory IF-EX39D Dustfrog | SGC 11th Convention Exclusive
Iron Factory – IF-EX40 Mini One Man Army
Mechanic Studios MS-19 Flame Commander
Newage NA-H16 Beelzebul, H17 Mammon, & H18 Mephisto Set
Fans Hobby – Master Builder – MB-11A Black God Armor and MB-11B God Armour | Purple Version
Transformers Masterpiece MP-47 Hound
Transformers Masterpiece MP-45 Bumblebee – Version 2.0


Generation Toy Gravity Builder GT-99 Full Set of 6 Figures
Fans Toys FT-30B Iceman and FT-31B Magnum
Vecma Studio VP-01 Mammoth
Diaclone Reboot DA-52 Verse Riser | Vol.1
Magic Square MS-B24 Silver Bullet
Devil Saviour DS-06 Sweeping
Magic Square MS-B18G Light of Justice | Golden Limited w/Trailer
CANG-TOYS CT-Chiyou-01 Ferocious
Gaiking | Legend of Daiku-Maryu DFS071 Gaiking Action Figure
Newage NA-H22 Chimera
Transformers Bumblebee DLX Scale Collectible Series Soundwave and Ravage


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Flame Toys Kuro Kara Kuri Optimus Prime

Jetzt können wir euch neue Bilder vom Flame Toys Kuro Kara Kuri Optimus Prime zeigen.


Alle Bilder sind unter Mehr.

Quelle: TransFans

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Neue Angebote bei Kapow Toys

NEW ARRIVALS, PRE-ORDERS & RESTOCKS NOW AVAILABLE! Hot Toys, Transformers, Star Wars and Mezco!

New Pre-orders

1) Hot Toys Batman Beyond - https://www.kapowtoys.co.uk/…/hot-toys-batman-beyond-1-6th-…

2) Flame Toys G1 Optimus Model Kit - https://www.kapowtoys.co.uk/…/flame-toys-furai-model-optimu…

3) Super7 Cyborg Optimus Prime Reissue - https://www.kapowtoys.co.uk/…/super7-transformers-super-cyb…

New instock and restocked

1) Star Wars Vintage AT-ST Raider - https://www.kapowtoys.co.uk/…/star-wars-vintage-collectiont…

2) Mezco One:12 Magneto - https://www.kapowtoys.co.uk/…/mezco-one-12-collective-magne…

3) Mezco 18 Inch Kong of Skull Island - https://www.kapowtoys.co.uk/…/mezco-ultimate-kong-of-skull-…

4) Power Rangers Wave 3 Set of 3 - https://www.kapowtoys.co.uk/…/power-rangers-lightning-colle…

You can find all new arrivals here - https://www.kapowtoys.co.uk/new-arrival.html


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